ARCPs- Asbestos Removal Control Plans

An Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) is a critical document that is needed when removing over 10 m² of asbestos  by a licensed asbestos removalist.


Pro Safety and Training is one of the leading providers of high quality asbestos removal training. Our experienced trainers regularly speak to workers and employers engaged in asbestos removal. Our trainers have recently reported to us that a lot of licensed removalists are not forming an ARCP for jobs over 10m². 

Benefits to having an ARCP for licensed asbestos removals include:

  • Regulatory compliance - not having an ARCP can result in being fined under the WH&S Regulations 2011.
  • Workers receive clear direction on completing the removal in a safe manner
  • Client satisfaction
  • Documented controls and record keeping to prove compliance and reduce future liability.
  • Plans can be audited and helps you maintain your licensed status. 


To help you form an ARCP we have provided you with a sample of a completed plan. The original ARCP was used for a licensed job late last year. Details and descriptions have been changed for anonymity. This sample ARCP is only a guide and may not suit your asbestos removal job so please refer to your jurisdictions codes of practice for asbestos removal for assistance when forming your ARCP.

You must ensure that the ARCP is site specific and you must have an ARCP for each licensed removal job on the work site.


Asbestos Removal Control Plan


Asbestos Removal Control Plan- Non Friable Asbestos




Asbestos Removal License number: 2344445425


Location: 10 Asbestos St, Asbestos Town, 450031


Asbestos to be removed: Asbestos wall sheeting inside dairy shed


Condition: Good- non friable


Type of Asbestos: Tested 1/9/2015 at NATA Approved Lab- Analysis Result CH (Chrysotile)


Quantity to be removed: 150m²


Start Date: 2/9/2015


Finish Date: 2/9/2015



Have we got the following documentation on site:

  • Removal License
  • Worker Training Records
  • Safe Work Method Statement
  • Asbestos Register
  • Asbestos Management Plan
  • Copies of Codes of Practice- How to Safely Remove Asbestos COP/ How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace COP


Have we consulted with all relevant parties:

  • Workers
  • HSR
  • Person who commissioned the work
  • Licensed assessors
  • Neighbours
  • People in the immediate vicinity
  • Other
  • Regulator (Form 65/ Notification of licensed asbestos removal, 5 calendar days before)


Workers to be Removing Asbestos

Worker Names

Responsibility for Removal

Competency Details

James “Safety” Pro

Supervisor, Removalist

CPCCDE3014A Remove non friable asbestos, CPCCBC4051A Supervise asbestos removal, White Card

Tim “Smart” Pro


CPCCDE3014A Remove non friable asbestos, White Card

Sam “Alert” Pro


CPCCDE3014A Remove non friable asbestos



PPE to be used during removal:

  • Type 5/6 Coveralls (One size to big)
  • Steel Cap boots
  • Boot Covers
  • P2 Particulate Respirator (Sundstrum SR100)
  • Gloves


Notes: PPE to be used in Asbestos Removal Work area and only removed after full decontamination as per our SOP.


Boundaries and Signage locations: Asbestos warning tape on fencing around full property, boundary at a distance of 20m from the removal area. All gates must be locked to prevent unauthorised access. Door of dairy shed to be closed as well. Asbestos warning signs on all main entrances. Sam “Alert” Pro will remain in the asbestos removal site to ensure no unauthorised accesss.


Other hazards to Control:

  • Electricity, Isolated and locked out
  • Ventilation, all windows and doors closed to prevent release of fibre
  • Height safety, as per SOP
  • Heat Stress, as per SOP



SWMS Completed: Yes- Workers involved in completion of SWMS and have been inducted and signed on.


Removal Processes: Wet method of removal with PVA/ water mixture to a ratio of 2/10 using 200 micron drop sheets on the ground.


Is Air Monitoring to be conducted: Yes- by Licensed Asbestos Assessor- Jimmy “Quality” Air license number: 122230340248


Waste Storage: Double lined 200 micron plastic inside asbestos skip bin located inside asbestos removal site.


Waste Disposal Facility: We Take Asbestos- 1111 Asbestos Town


Removal off site Method: Licensed Transporter- We Transport Asbestos license number: 173489345


Asbestos removal equipment:

  • Misting spray equipment
  • HEPA Asbestos Approved Vacuum
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Pinch Bar
  • Nail Pullers


Decontamination Units Required: No


Other Risk Control Measures to prevent release of asbestos fibre: refer SWMS


Decontamination Procedures


Site: Remove all ACM and fasteners, ensure all visible asbestos dust and debris has been removed and double bagged. Use HEPA Vacuum to ensure no dust or debris (including dirt dust) remains on any surface within the asbestos work area, wet wipe all surfaces and then spray PVA/Water mix at a ratio of 3:10 to seal up all surfaces. Roll up and treat as asbestos waste all drop sheets.


Equipment: Wet wipe all equipment and double bag for use only inside next asbestos job while wearing all PPE


Workers: As per SOP, all decontamination to be done in decontamination area with the following steps:


  1. Remove any visible asbestos dust/residue from protective clothing using an asbestos vacuum cleaner or wiping down with damp cloths. Do not reuse or resoak damp cloths.
  2. Carefully remove disposable protective clothing and place into bags (RPE must still be worn).
  3. Place cloths into disposal plastic bags (200 μm thick).
  4. Take disposable coveralls off and place into disposal bags (RPE must still be worn).
  5. Use damp cloths to wipe down footwear and place cloths into disposal bag.
  6. Seal all plastic bags with duct tape and place each into a second plastic bag.
  7. Seal this second plastic bag and ensure this is labelled/marked as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  8. Use damp rags to wipe external surfaces of the disposal bags to remove any dust before it is removed from the asbestos removal work area.
  9. Remove PPE and double bag, seal with duct tape and mark as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  10. Remove non-disposable PPE and place in container labelled as containing asbestos.
  11. Remove RPE and double bag, seal with duct tape and mark as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  12. Ensure the outside of the bags are decontaminated by using a damp cloth.
  13. Place the damp cloth into disposable bags.
  14. Dispose of asbestos waste at the appropriate waste facility.


Waste Disposal Details:  Licensed facility to dump asbestos waste is We Take Asbestos- 1111 Asbestos Town and the licensed transporter will be- We Transport Asbestos, license number: 173489345


Clearance of Work Area completed by: Licensed Asbestos Assessor- Jimmy “Quality” Air, license number: 122230340248


Emergency Plan:

Front Muster Point as per mud map

Call 000 for all emergencies

First Aid Officer: James “Safety Pro

First Aid kit located in site box

Fire Extinguisher located in site box

Emergency Plan as per Induction















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