Remove Non-Friable Asbestos Training

Remove Non-Friable Asbestos Training



Once training is completed, successful participants will receive a statement of attainment for Remove Non-Friable Asbestos which is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications framework.


Training and Assessment is delivered in partnership with and under the scope of registration held by our partner RTO WorkSafe Connect (RTO 31385). 


Our asbestos training is run in conjunction with WorkSafe Connect .


If you are operating a business, once you have successfully completed the training it will allow you to apply for a class B asbestos license. For students that are workers working underneath an asbestos removal license holder and removing non friable asbestos you will not need to hold a license, however you will need to have completed this course.


All of our trainer’s conducting this training are active in the asbestos removal industry and have worked in the Asbestos industry for a number of years. Our trainers ensure your training experience is of the highest quality.

Statement of Attainment Issued

  • CPCCDE3014A - Remove non-friable asbestos


  • $330
  • For onsite bookings around Australia please contact us for a quote


  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Documentation to make meeting legislative requirements easier and your workplace safer (ARCP, SWMS, License Application Form, Codes of Practice)
  • All necessary equipment for you to undertake training (Coveralls, Asbestos Respirator, Gloves, simulated ACM)
  • Friendly and engaging trainer with a high level of skill and knowledge in asbestos removal
  • Practical hands on training in a class capped at 12 learners
  • Fast turnaround for your Statement of attainment
  • Electronic copy of your statement of attainment if requested


Non Friable Asbestos
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Course Duration

1 Day (7:30am-4:30pm approximately)

Course Overview

This nationally recognised Remove non-friable asbestos removal course has been developed for workers and businesses who are required to remove or manage non friable asbestos in workplaces. Our asbestos training is thorough, enjoyable and relevant to industry.


Our trainers come from a background in removing and managing asbestos containing material, and we believe our training quality exceeds our competitors. To get an idea of what our training is like please watch our short video.


We tailor our training towards the asbestos removal industry and ensure all students take away information and an experience relevant to their workplace, in an enjoyable and comfortable setting.


With asbestos being manufactured into thousands of products and being widely used in Australia prior to its ban, there are still countless workplaces and homes containing the deadly mineral. Non-friable asbestos products still common in workplaces include roofing, asbestos sheeting, eaves, pipes, fencing, backing boards, pits and many others.


The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and How to Safely Remove Asbestos Code of Practice states that only appropriately trained workers are permitted to manage or remove asbestos. Workers that are to remove or manage more than 10 square metres of non friable asbestos must have completed this course.


Please note that all previously issued QLD class B licenses expired on 31 December 2014, regardless of the expiry date shown on the card, therefore it is critical to undertake this course to maintain industry currency. It is a legal requirement for all workers removing over 10 square metres of non friable asbestos to have completed this one day course.


This course covers both theoretical and practical components of non-friable asbestos removal.


Theoretical components include licensing, asbestos registers, safe work method statements (SWMS), asbestos removal control plans (ARCPs), clearance certificates and air monitoring requirements. Not only do we cover this critical documentation but we also give you sample documentation to help you meet your legislative requirements.


Practical components involve you completing a risk assessment, learning how to set up an asbestos removal work area, completing an asbestos removal job, decontaminating your tools, equipment, PPE and yourself and then returning the work area to an operational condition.


Once you have completed our asbestos removal training you will have greater knowledge and skill to keep yourself safe.



How to get an asbestos removal license?

If you are a worker, you do not need an asbestos removal license however if you are removing over 10 square metres of non friable asbestos, you need to be working under an asbestos removal license holder and hold the relevant asbestos removal training.




A person conducting a business or undertaking can remove more than 10m² of non-friable asbestos only if they hold a Class B (non-friable) or Class A (friable) asbestos removal licence issued by the State Regulator. Our asbestos removal course is your first step to gaining a class B license.


For your convenience we have listed state specific information below:


Queensland – To apply for a class B license you must successfully complete this course, then complete an application form and pay the application fee to the regulator. The B class license issued is valid for 5 years. For more state specific information visit asbestos licenses.


New South Wales – To apply for a class B license you must complete this course, nominate a supervisor who also has at least 12 months of industry experience in the removal of non friable asbestos and has completed the supervise asbestos removal course. You must then complete an application form and pay the relevant application fee. You are able to nominate yourself as the supervisor if you have 12 months of non friable asbestos removal experience. For more state specific information see asbestos licenses.


Victoria- For information on applying for a class B license please visit the Work Safe Victoria information page.


Queensland homeowners and owner builders:

Once you have successfully completed this course you will be able to remove more than 10 square metres of non friable asbestos in your own home. Please note this is only relevant to homeowners and owner builders in Queensland.


Our trainers will provide further information on asbestos removal licensing including documentation requirements meaning you can apply for your license straight away after successful completion of this course.  We can guarantee your confidence with asbestos will increase after completing our asbestos training.

Course Outline

  • Asbestos Awareness- Where we can find asbestos and what types are there
  • Legislation regarding asbestos and where to access information
  • Hazards of asbestos and health effects
  • Preparing the site for Asbestos removal
  • Isolating the removal site
  • Asbestos removal methods
  • Decontamination processes for the site, tools, workers and equipment
  • Decontaminating the work site
  • Regulatory requirements for documentation

Participant Requirements

Please Note – Participants must already hold the following unit of competency:

CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry, or CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

The prerequisite evidence must be in the form of a statement of attainment, rather than a “white card”.


You must also supply your USI (Unique Student Identifying number).


To complete training you need to provide:

  • Transport to our facilities
  • Appropriate clothing and enclosed footwear
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Statement of attainment for CPCCWHS1001 or CPCCOHS1001A
  • Photo ID
  • Fit and Healthy- the training involves a large practical component and it is critical that all students are able to participate in this.
  • A USI- Unique Student Identifying Number
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