Booking Terms and Conditions


Thank you for engaging Pro Safety and Training Pty Ltd ATF Pro Safety and Training Trust (ABN 85 224 226 458), herein referred to as PST. It is critical that you review the terms and conditions prior to commencing booking as a placement of an order constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Face Fit Testing


By engaging PST to conduct fit testing you agree to the following terms and conditions:



Conditions of Testing:

  • The testing is to be conducted as per the OSHA protocol- 29 CFR 1910.134 and AS/NZS 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE), whilst wearing other site provided personal protective equipment (PPE) that may affect the seal and therefore protective function of the RPE.
  • The testing will be conducted whilst standing and undertaking exercises specified in the protocol, after donning the RPE for 5 minutes. The testing will be conducted by a fit test operator competent in areas listed in ISO 16975-3 Respiratory protective devices- Selection, use and maintenance – Part 3 Fit testing procedures – Section 5.2.
  • The testing will be conducted for workers that are deemed clean-shaven and have no facial hair that interfered with or touched the sealing surface of the respirator. You or your employees booked for fit testing are to follow the instructions of the fit test operator at all times before, during and after testing.
  • If at any time yourself or your workers feels uncomfortable or are suffering ill effects from wearing the RPE they are to inform the fit test operator.
  • All components of the fit test equipment that pose a risk to the worker being tested shall be disinfected with antibacterial wipes.



Terms of Testing:

  • Pro Safety and Training Trust may share the results of this test with interested parties (e.g. employer, authorized representatives or regulators).
  • You or your workers are to tell the fit test operator of all other PPE that you are wearing in the workplace, and to wear such PPE while testing is being conducted.
  • You and your employees have been honest about your/their name, employer details and ID number.
  • Pro Safety and Training Trust will accept no liability for any damages, injury, illness or death caused by wearing or not wearing the RPE tested, and will not indemnify any party against any loss.
  • You, or your employees are medically fit to wear a respirator.
  • You, or your employees will wear RPE in accordance with AS/NZS 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, RPE manufacturers specifications and any other site or employer requirements.
  • You, or your employees will only wear the respirator clean shaven and ensure that no facial hair crosses or interferes with the sealing surface of the respirator.



RPE Supply


RPE supplied on a one-off basis, on an ongoing basis or at the time of fit testing is to be worn in accordance with AS/NZS 1715:2009. Due to the complexity of selecting RPE we strongly advise that a risk assessment is completed by the employer to ensure the RPE is suitable for the environment in which it is being worn, or a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) is engaged to determine suitability.

PST can offer some advice however this advice is not to be relied upon, and is ultimately the responsibility of the employer.





Please note Pro Safety and Training reserves the right to cancel this order at its discretion, or through force majeure and will not indemnify any party for lost revenue or damages resulting from cancellation of this quote.

For client cancellations 2+ days before no cancellation fee will apply, cancellations on the day prior to testing will incur an administration fee of $60+GST, for cancellations on the day we charge 50% of the total price.



Payment Terms:


Please note payment terms:

With Purchase Order- payment is expected 30 days from end of month

With no Purchase Order- payment is expected Cash on Delivery


For late payment of over 15 days a 10% fee of the total price shall be charged, for invoices over 30 days late a 20% fee shall be charged. If a debt collector is required to collect the debt, the costs of the collection agency will be charged to the client.


For invoices above $2000 a Purchase Order must be issued by the client to Pro Safety and Training Trust.


If you require Pro Safety and Training Trust to be setup as a vendor/supplier- please email Sebastian Rasche at [email protected] , or contact him directly on 0412 889 317.

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